Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I was chatting with some friends at playgroup the other day and the topic of housework came up. We started talking about which jobs we liked and didn't like doing around the house. One girl said she didn't like doing the laundry and another said she hated washing dishes. I really don't mind either of those jobs. If it's a nice sunny day I love hanging the washing on the clothesline and getting it off in the afternoon, smelling lovely and fresh. And I even quite enjoy doing the dishes. It's usually a time when I think or pray or plan my day.

For me the worst job is definitely vacuuming. We don't have a great vacuum cleaner so it's quite an effort to pick up all the dust and things that fall on the floor. My long hair seems to fall out in every room of the house, and with my baby girl moving around so quickly now I feel like I have to vacuum all the time. I'm considering getting a dust buster to see if that will make it easier.

My friends and I considered trading chores at each others' house. One of us would do everyone's laundry, another person would do everyone's dishes and the other would do everyone's vacuuming. It didn't seem like a fair trade though as there's always lots more laundry and dishes than vacuuming. :)
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K.V. Writes said...

I bought a dustbuster the other week, a Hoover. It is now my best friend, I love it so much I want to marry it!! :) Definitely recommend it.