Wednesday, June 17, 2009

60 Years of Marriage

Last week my grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. That's right....60 years of marriage. Not many people will get to celebrate such an occasion. Most people will probably not even live long enough to reach their 60th wedding anniversary. They were married very young and have seen many changes in their family over those years.

When my sisters and I were young we lived about 3 1/2 hours away from their house and we would always go up to visit during school holidays. Every time we would pull into their driveway my Nana would come rushing out of the house to meet us with lots of hugs and kisses. And every time she would put her hands on our cheeks and say "You know it feels like it's been about 273 years since the last time I saw you". It always made me feel so special and so loved to know that she had missed us and was excited to see us.

I am so grateful to have so many happy memories of my grandparents, and I'm also grateful to have the chance to visit with them more regularly now.

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