Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Way of the Master

This website has a lot of great resources that teach Christians how to share the gospel with non-Christians. There are free videos that show you how to answer difficult questions and how to point people to their need for a Saviour. You can also buy tracts and books and even get personal training at the Evangelism Training Academy.
I've been so inspired after watching some of the videos on this site that I decided to write down a few points about the gospel and give it to a neighbour across the road who is moving to another state this weekend. I have to admit that I was pretty nervous but when I saw his car pull up yesterday afternoon I ran out of the house with Baby Bee on my hip and called out to him. At first he looked a little wary when I told him that my husband and I were Christians but he seemed to be okay with me giving it to him and said he would read it. If you could pray that God would use it to lead him on the path to salvation I would appreciate that.

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