Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Six Years Ago

Last night I was laying awake in bed at 2am and for some reason I remembered that it was about this time six years ago that the Lord started turning my heart to Him. I had just returned from a trip overseas and had such a strong feeling that I needed to find out what it meant to be a Christian. I went to a few churches in the area until I found one that I felt comfortable with. Previous to this time I had only been to church about 5 times in my life and had grown up in a non-Christian home. Over the next few months God put other Christians in my life to teach me and encourage me and at the end of September 2004 I was baptised.

Since then God has taught me a lot and of course I am learning so much more every day. I feel like God is leading me down a new path that involves sharing my faith with others so hopefully I'll be able to talk about that a bit here on this blog and get some ideas and encouragement from others who know so much more than I do in this area. And maybe eventually I'll be able to encourage other Christians to share the gospel too.

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