Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Signing DVD

Not long after Baby Bee was born we were at a baby shop and we came across a DVD called My Mealtime Signs. We bought it along with a couple more called Bathtime Signs and Bedtime Signs. The mealtime one has always been her favourite but we don't like her to watch too much television so she's only been watching it once or twice a week.

The first sign she learnt how to do was the sign for "all gone" because when she finishes her dinner I always say "All Gone!" and do the sign. Yesterday however I was reading her a book and one of the pictures in the book was of a bib so I said the word bib and she did the sign for bib all by herself. Of course I was over the moon and made a big fuss about it.

Then last night at dinner she ate a piece of toast and I said "More?" and she did the sign for more - all by herself. It was hilarious. We had to go and show Daddy straight away and she was so proud of herself. It's so exciting to able to see her trying so hard to communicate with us.

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