Monday, September 7, 2009

A Party Dress

I went shopping last weekend to find a dress for Baby Bee to wear to her 1st Birthday Party next month. At the first shop I went to I saw the most adorable dresses - for $45! They were a bit out of my budget so I went to a couple more stores and found the perfect one for $24. It even has matching knickers.

I brought the dress home and one day last week I washed and ironed it. I had it hanging over a rail in her room, ready to hang up, until I saw this.....

Daddy decided that teddy could wear the dress until Baby Bee needed it. Haha!


KE II said...

LOL, that's hilarious!! My little M had the exact same outfit, but her's was pant's at top, even had a matching hat. Too cute!

arme said...

Oh, lovely summer dress! Wish we could be there for Baby Bee's party - I can imagine it will be loads of FUN, and lots of yummy goodies especially prepared by Mummy Bee.